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Aging In Place Remodeling

Spain Residential "Your Aging in Place Specialist" of Hampton Roads

Our primary objective is to approach a quickly growing segment of the population-and make them aware of the ways in which they can continue to live independently. To that end - we have created a team of specialists who can provide a "one-stop shop" experience for our clients, thus eliminating the need to involve and coordinate with multiple parties. When we initially planned our "Aging in Place" program - it was always paramount that we make it as simple and straightforward as possible, and that's what we've done.

As the first company of its kind in the area to offer a very specific program like this, our catalog features the entire known range of "Aging in Place" products and accessories. These products include but are not limited to: curbless-showers, grab bars, ADA toilets and sinks, elevators, etc. In addition-we also offer floor plan alterations that make the home easier to navigate –such as widening openings, lowering cabinets, or building ramps-to name a few. We've also put a lot of effort and focus on the maintenance aspect of "Aging in Place" - and offer personalized service plans for individuals and their homes. We believe these maintenance plans provide our clients with "peace of mind", as we take on the burden of maintaining the property for them. Here at "Spain Residential" we want to help you with future planning, keep you knowledgeable, and provide a service that keeps your possessions in arms reach.

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